Alienweeds : The Invasive Species Harvest

From the invasive plants of Washington, D.C.:




NOTE: Plant pigments can be fugitive and might fade over time. To prolong pigments, display under UV-protective glass in subdued lighting,
or place the art between acid-free sheets of paper in a portfolio for occasional viewing.



January, 2014: Pigments from Rosa multiflora, Lonicera maackii and weed soot on paper from Hibiscus syriacus (a)
and Broussonetia payrifera (b). Acer platanus
block. Each 11" x 11"

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Index1312a (Edition of 4) Index1312b (Edition of 7)


September, 2013: Pigments from Rosa multiflora, Mahonia bealei,
Lonicera maackii and weed soot
on paper from Morus alba. Acer platanus block. Each 11" x 11"

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August, 2013: Pigments from Hedera hibernica, Rosa multiflora, Celastrus orbiculatus, Mahonia bealei,
Lonicera maackii
and weed soot on paper from Broussonetia papyrifera. Morus alba and Acer platanus blocks. Each 11" x 11"

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The Weed Wrench 2



The Weed Wrench, 2
~ July 2013

Inks from Amur Honeysuckle, Multiflora Rose, Leatherleaf Mahonia and weed soot printed from a Norway Maple lock onto White Mulberry paper.

9" x 0"

Edition of 11



2-Rose Red



2-Rose Red
~ June 2013

Inks from Multiflora Rose printed onto Rose of Sharon paper from a Norway Maple block

11" x 11".

Edition of 11; signed, numbered.

$85 + $7 shipping/handling



14-stalk Note



14-Stalk Note, 2013
~ April 2013

14 stalks of Garlis Mustard were used to make each sheet of paper, printed with weed-soot, Multiflora Rose and Leatherleaf Mahonia inks printed from a Norway Maple block.

8.5" x 11"

Edition of 19; signed, numbered.

$65 + $7 shipping/handling



Year End Blend 2012



5-Weed Corona
~ January 2013

Weed-soot ink printed from an engraved Norway Maple block onto a blended paper made from the fibers of Irish Ivy, Asiatic Bittersweet, Garlic Mustard, Sweet Autumn Clematis and White Mulberry, images of which are depicted in the print.

Image bleeds over a 8.5" x 8.5" sheet.

Edition of 22; signed, numbered.

$50 + $7 shipping/handling





Year End Blend 2012



Year-end Blend, 2012
~ December 2012

Before the new year, weed-paper scraps gather to be processed into a mixed pulp.

The blend this year is comprised primarily of Asiatic Bittersweet, Garlic Mustard, Irish Ivy and White Mulberry.

The image was printed from a Norway Maple end-grain block with weed-wood soot ink.

Image is 5" x 5," on an 8" x 8" deckle-edged sheet.

Edition of 20; signed, numbered.

$25 + $5 shipping/handling





12-Foot Note



12-Foot Note ~ July 2012

In mid-May, Asiatic Bittersweet's new vine shoots are long, smooth, green and covered with leaves. They are clipped off, steamed, stripped and cooked in soda ash.

Bast (inner bark) fibers are very tough and light green after cooking. For this print, the fibers were overbeaten, yielding a thin, rattly paper.

Each print required the processing of about twlelve feet of vine. Printed with weed-soot ink from an end-grain Norway Maple block.

Print 8.5" x 8.5," to be hung in a diamond configuration

Edition of 14; signed, numbered.

$75 + $10 shipping/handling






.Croydon Creek Nature Center


This limited-edition print is the product of a collaboration between Croydon Creek Nature Center, its volunteers and The project was funded by VisArts at Rockville. Proceeds from the sale of each print will be shared equally between Croydon Creek Nature Center and The Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation.

The 8.5" x 11" prints are available at the nature center for $25 each.

Weed-wood soot and Multiflora-Rose stem inks on Garlic Mustard paper. Norway Maple printing block.




Click image to see full piece



Details from the show "Field Work"


Details from the show "Field Work" ~ March 8 through April 14, VisArts at Rockville

Nine artists investigate the relationships between community, resources, sustainability and art. Curated by Susan Main.

Featuring the work of: Dan Allende, Ian Cox, Selin Oguz Balci, Margaret Boozer, J.J. McCracken, Lynn Cazabon, Patterson Clark, Hugh Pocock, and Jackson Martin.

Reception: Friday, March 9, 7-9 pm

Saturday, March 24, 2-3:30 pm Artist panel discussion

VisArts at Rockville
155 Gibbs Street
Rockville, MD 20850




The Weed Wrench.

The Weed Wrench

White Mulberry soot ink and Multiflora Rose stem ink on White Mulberry paper (edition of 3) with Norway Maple veneer matte and White Mulberry frame.

The alienweeds flag



White Mulberry flag ~ June 2011

Even on the same tree, White Mulberry leaves are highly variable. Many have a lopsided heart shape; others have leaf margins with deep sinuses, such as the one that modeled for this print.

After being skinned of their bark, branches bleach out white in the sun.

Printed on White Mulberry paper from a White Mulberry wood block, using White Mulberry wood-soot ink.

Print 8.5" x 11."

Full bleed across deckle edges, which vary considerably

Color of paper varies by season.


2-Vine Note; the Joan Furlong note



2-Vine Note ~ April 2011

Two ground-running English Ivy vines were processed to make the paper for each impression of this print, which features an image of Joan Furlong, program manager for Friends of Rock Creek's Environment.

Printed from a Norway Maple block, using mixed-weed soot ink and multiflora rose-stem inks.

Print 11" x 8.5"




28-Stalk Note



28-Stalk Note ~ April 2011

In early spring, Garlic Mustard grows as a rosette close to the ground. In April, a plant entering its second year will bolt, sending up a long stalk of leaves and flowers.

Late April is the best time to harvest the weed for paper, after it has begun flowering, but before the plant develops ripe seeds.

Leaves, flowers and green fruits are bagged and sent to the landfill. Composting the material is a bad move for gardeners, as it creates allelopathic soil that discourages germination of other seeds.

The paper of each 28-Stalk Note is made from about 28 stems of Garlic Mustard. Mixed-weed-soot ink and Multiflora-Rose-stem ink were printed from a Norway Maple woodblock.

Print 11" x 17"







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